Monday, October 13, 2008

SLAM ONLINE | » Odds and ends with Patrick Mills

After checking out the last Slam story about the NBL, I stumbled across this one about exciting young Aussie point guard, Patrick Mills. This was written before the Olympics, before Mills had really shown the world (and the Redeem Team) what he could do. Patrick Mills is one of the most talked about players to come out of Australia in a while and almost single-handedly (no disrespect to the rest of the Boomers) makes it fun again to watch the national team play. Click on the title below to read the full story.

SLAM ONLINE | » Odds and ends with Patrick Mills

Cub Buenning revisits his chat with the Aussie star.

by Cub Buenning

Patrick Mills is a tough guy to check. Scores of college point guards couldn’t get it done, last week Chris Paul wasn’t up to the task, and earlier this summer, even his own coach couldn’t locate the 19-year-old Aussie.

Before the printing of issue #121, only a few of our trusted readers were familiar with the basketball exploits of Patrick Mills. St. Mary’s College (CA) was not a big name on the national television schedule and its recent inclusion into the national top 25 hadn’t happened since the Reagan administration."

(Its no surprise to see Henare burnt by Mills)

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