Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NBL wrap - round 4

As you will read on any of the numerous blogs, week 4 in the NBL was a round of upsets. You definitely know something strange is happening when the Sydney Spirit go 2 - 0!

Game 1: Wildcats 105 - Tigers 101 (in Melbourne)
For the Wildcats, Shawn Redhage had 31 points, 11 boards & Darnell Hinson had 14 points, 8 assists. For the Tigers, Chris Anstey lead the way with 29 points, 10 boards and Rod Gizzard had 23 points, 9 boards, 5 assists. Ebi Ere wasn't at his normal level shooting just 4 of 14 from the field and committing 7 turnovers.

Game 2: Taipans 122 - Breakers 111 (in NZ)
Game 2, upset 2 as the under-strength (minus the Cat) Cairns team beat the previously undefeated NZ Breakers. For Cairns, Darnell Mee had 26 points, 7 assists, 5 boards, Dave Thomas had 22 points (on 8 of 13 shooting) and Ian Crosswhite had 21 points (on 9 of 11 shooting), 7 boards, 5 assists. For the Breakers, Rick Rickert had 25 points, 10 boards, Phill Jones had 24 points (including 6 of 7 from downtown) and CJ Bruton had 23 points, 7 assists. The foul count and free-throws favoured the visitors and the Breakers weren't helped by 0 of 7 from The Bear (Tony Ronaldson) and 2 of 9 shooting from Oscar Forman.

Game 3: Hawks 85 - Wildcats 82
Looking at the numbers, I'm not sure how the Hawks win when Saville shoots 5 of 22, Cameron Tragardh 2 of 8 and Kavossy Franklin stinks it up again with 0 of 9 from the field. Dusty Rychart was the hero with 18 points, 14 boards and the game winning shot while Anthony Petrie came off the bench for 18 points (on 7 of 10 shooting), 5 boards. Shawn Redhage again had 31 points for the Wildcats and Darnell Hinson and Isiah Victor both had 15.

Game 4: Spirit 98 - Blaze 92
The Blaze continue to have a SLOW start to the season getting knocked off by the suddenly surging Spirit. For the Spirit Liam Rush top scored with 25 points, 7 boards and Julian Kazzouh had 18 points, 10 boards. For the Blaze, James Harvey had 24 points (including 5 triples) and Shane Heal had 20 points (on a poor clip), 8 assists. Sydney would have won by much more but shot just 18 of 36 from the line (ugly).

Game 5: Tigers 119 - Sixers 91
The only non-upset of the round. David Barlow top scored for the Tigers with 29 points, 6 boards, Ebi Ere had 18 points, 8 assists, 5 boards and Rod Gizzard had 17 points, 7 boards, 5 assists. Anstey was relatively quiet for once (11 points, 11 boards) but obviously he wasn't really needed in this win. For the Sixers, Luke Schenscher continues to shine with 25 points, 10 boards off the bench and Adam Ballinger had 19 points, 9 boards.

Game 6: Spirit 101 - Wildcats 86
The Wildcats started their 3 game road trip so well knocking off the Tigers but then dropped 2 they should have won. Derrick Low had 25 points, David Gruber (who??) had 16 points, 9 boards off the bench and Matthew Knight had 16 points 10 boards. For the Wildcats, Redhage was contained to just 10 points, while Ben Knight had 20 points, 5 boards and youngster Steven Weight also had 20. Stinking it up from the field was Darnell Hinson with the goose-egg ... 0 of 10. The Spirit continued their horrible free-throw shooting making just 20 of 36.

In breaking news, Darnell Mee was just named Player of the Week ... not bad for a 37 year old (I thought he was actually older?).

To find out who John Rillie named his Team of the Week, click here

In more breaking news from JR, a former Sydney King could be getting a run in the league again, click here

Apparently someone knew this round of upsets coming, good work Glockers!

And our shooter of the week, Phill Jones for shooting 6 of 7 from deep and (almost) stopping me from mentioning his team-mate Kirk Penney.

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