Sunday, January 10, 2010

Top 10 NBA 3 Point Shooters of All Time

A strange source of NBA and basketball shooting information, I came across this list thanks to a Twitter post from business guru Guy Kawasaki.

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Top 10 NBA 3 Point Shooters of All Time | Top 10 Lists |

The NBA has changed many times over, but the biggest change was made in the addition of the 3 point shot in the 1979-80 season. The 3 point shot started as a tool to catch teams up and only a handful of players where considered marksman. However, in today’s game the 3 point shot is used more than ever and accounts for over 35% of all shots take in the average NBA game. The list below will demonstrate not just who has hit the most, been the most accurate, or hit them when they counted the most, but a combination of all three.Essentially, the top ten are:

10. Chuck Person
9. Dell Curry
8. Dan Majerle
7. Peja Stojakovic
6. Steve Nash
5. Glen Rice
4. Dale Ellis
3. Larry Bird
2. Ray Allen
1. Reggie Miller

The notable omission for mine is Mark Price. I also think its somewhat harsh to have Larry at #3 but I guess he wasn't "just" a three-pointer shooter and despite his heroics from downtown, there have been better, more consistent shooters from deep. Over-rated for mine, Dale Ellis at 4? Maybe the author is from Seattle.

I'm sure John Rillie will agree with Miller at #1, but who do you think is missing off this list? Who do you think should be #1?


Anonymous said...

Antoine Walker

Dodge Taylor said...

It wasn't a list of who put up the most 3's ... if it was, 'Toine would be right up there. After all, the only reason he took so many 3's was they didn't have a 4 pointer.

Anonymous said...

That line still cracks me up after all these years.