Friday, September 26, 2008

Ray Allen's shot gets more love

The guys in our Top Ten Shooters List are getting plenty of love on the net today. We definitely weren't alone saying that Ray has one of the sweetest basketball shots you'll ever see.

NBA Rumors - Trades - Free Agents - Basketball Olympics - Dime Magazine » Blog Archive » Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself: After interning at Dime HQ back in Fall ’05, I’ve finally made the move to NYC and taken the job full-time writing for the mag. Back in April, the Dime crew was inspired to roll out their individual lists of their five favorite ballplayers – giving readers a chance to get to know us a bit more. I thought I’d follow suit:

Aron Phillips, aka “Go Get ‘Em”

1. Ray Allen – Of all the players in the League, Jesus Shuttlesworth has the nicest stroke and would be the guy I’d give the ball to for the last play (see Celtics vs. Bobcats November 24, 2007). Growing up, UConn was always my favorite team, but after Rick Fox’s recruiting pitch, I just don’t see how he didn’t end up at Tech University.

To see who else made Aron's list, click on the headline above. If you want to see people fire off on a rookie writer, read the comments section (harsh)!

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